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Hi all.

An interesting idea about FS10 is circulating. We can now assume from the AVSIM conference that MS plans to delay the introduction of FS10 to perhaps 2006 or 7. That would mean that FS10 would be the graphics "flagship" of the DirectX replacement running on the next Windows version. The buzz is that this replacement for DirectX will be a substantial change.

This may make all our ideas, sceneries, and tools, unusable in FS10. The MS team also stated that "developers" would be given access to SDK info prior to the release of the sim. I would assume "developers" would mean commercial 3rd party developers. This was the case with CFS3.

And the idea of pre-release SDKs supports the idea that FS10 may be much different than our old BGL/MDL format.

If any of this proves true, our wish list needs to be expanded beyond the constraints of MakeMDL, or the TDF style of terrain design we've seen... because those formats may no longer exist. The design team hinted at huge changes for FS10.

Ideally, MS will provide us with a more complete ( and user-friendly ) set of tools to allow object, terrain, and aircraft creation.

don't scare us please! I honestly think MS will not do that. After all, if You look into any of these files, You have only code where to put dots, polygons and so on. You do not have instructions how to draw it on the screen, that's the task of FS display engine. Even though, DirectX is now in version 9.0c, we might see also version 10. I also heard the rummors that new Windows, I guess Longhorn, will not be based on DirectX engine but something else, and also file system will be more SQL like than current file system. But the files we produce are having only the data of the object, not complete instructions how to draw it.
Also it would be in complete contrast of the polytics that instructions/commands introduced in version xy will be availbale at least up to version xy+2. And I think MS will not introduce this radical change and risk of free community support, which brought Flight Simulator to the software hall of fame as it is now.
Still thanks for the info and I hope too, that FS10 will be released in 2006 or 2007 :)

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I in part agree with Gorchi, I do not believe that all our work will be rendered (haha, pun!) useless by an upcoming version of FS, but there is a point in releasing the SDKs prior to the game release, this time.
What is most possible in my opinion is that we will need to re-compile our stuff, so that it works, and the accepted coding might be strictly XML. The case might also be that the MDL-files will be used to a higher degree, just as in Trainz 2004. This might mean that accepted data is only the one from objects created with Gmax and current FS2004 SDKs.

Lots of "might", "should" and "probably" around right now... We will find out in due time, I guess. Perhaps we will all be stuck with graphics processors not able to process WinFX coding. Those of us with wallets fat enough might fly around in a sim producing 100+ FPS in high-detailed environment. :D