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I have problem with FS2002 makemdl. I need make scenery with heading where will be tenth degrees heading (058,30 degrees) and I dont know why, the FS2002 makemdl will make only entire degrees heading (058 degrees). I have idea rotate this scenery in gmax at 0,3 degree, but I dont make it, because I make approach light, and if I make it (rotate in gmax) I loss vectors for only one side visible lights. Please, have someone any idea how make in FS2002 makemdl in heading command box heading 058,30 ? Many thanks for your ideas.

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Hi Peter,

Are you sure that even when you enter it with coordinates, MakeMDL still rounds the value?

In that case you should be able to change the value of the heading in the ASM file, where the RotatedCall command is (this is the SCASM name, can't remember the BGLC name at the moment).
Hi Arno,

yes Iam sure, I type heading 058.30 in Heading command box in makemdl, after I go to change export preferences (crash, lightmaps, ignore bad normals.....) and when I again check my heading the makemdl will overwrite my 058,30 heading to 058 heading and he will export scenery in this overwrited heading (058).

Peter :scratchch
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