FS2004 gamepack - Self-Illumination Map problem

G'day guys,

The way I was building my terminal, I was using nightmaps in Ambient in the FS2002 gamepack.

I just tried switching to Lightmaps by using Self-Illumination maps instead and came across something that is really frustrating - MakeMDL is not letting me compile unless I use the same texture name for both my Self-Illumination map and my Diffuse Map in the FS2004 gamepack. This is no good because the alpha channel in Diffuse Map causes transparency.

I just tried this using the FS2002 gamepack and it lets you use different texture names for Diffuse and Self-Illumination.

Am I missing something? :banghead:
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I should look it up again, but I think I have used this method with the Fs2004 gamepack without trouble. I could use different names (or was that test still with the Fs2002 gamepack).

The only problem in the Fs2004 gamepack is probably the texture type setting, it is set to TEXTURE_BUILDING and then features like reflection or lightmap are not allowed. These features only work when the texture type is TEXTURE_AIRCRAFT, so you would have to tweak that in the source manual.


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According to the Gmax Materials.doc that comes in the MakeMDL SDK, LightMaps are not used for scenery objects.

"NightMap (Ambient Color)
The NightMap texture is used for an object at night. For dawn or dusk, Flight Simulator blends the NightMap and Base Texture. NightMap textures are normally used for scenery objects, not for aircraft objects.

LightMap (Self-Illumination)
The LightMap texture is used at night to light the Base Texture. Unlike the NightMap texture, the LightMap texture does not replace the Base Texture at night. Instead, it is always combined with the Base Texture. The LightMap textures for aircraft are special because the alpha channel contains a mask that allows you to select running lights or landing lights. (Use A=0 for running lights; use A=255 for landing lights.)

ReflectionMap (Specular Color (Highlight Color))
The ReflectionMap is the alpha channel of the Base Texture. It determines the reflectivity of the object. (Use A=0 for 100% reflectivity; use A=255 for 0% reflectivity.)

ReflectionMap Note The Specular texture name must match the Diffuse Color texture name or gmax will ignore it."

There was not any changes between FS2002 and FS2004 as to texture assignments or usage according to the two documents.

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