FS2004 GPS code question; 0x4f?

Hey guys,

I have a question, mainly out of curiosity, but it might be a helpful tool in my project.

The following code is for the 'Map View' in the FS9 GPS500 system. I have made a small 'Mini Map' that shows up in my PFD G900X Garmin. Its pretty small and almost not worth it, but I like cool little details.

On this code below, is a 'details visible' listing for Zoom levels.. First zero's are farthest out, and point 24 is the closest Zoom available.

What does 0x5 and 0x4F mean?

Also, when experimenting with this earlier when using the FS9 GPS for the MFD, I found that if I made the last digit 36, I got an impressive amount of Airport Data. I also found I could raise the detail Zoom levels for Airports layer to say 36 on the last 3 levels, and add 24 to another 4 layers up. However, the screen gets a bit cluttered on a large MFD screen.

<ObjectDetailLayerAirports>0 0 0 0 0 0 0x5 0x5 0x7 0x7 0x1F 0x1F 0x1F 0x1F 0x4F 0x4F 0x4F 0x4F 0x4F 0x4F 0x4F 0x4F 0x4F 

0x4F 24 (@g:map_ZoomStep) case</ObjectDetailLayerAirports>

Curious to hear your input on what those are.



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Bill, in your example above "24" (the last number) is the number of entries in the list.

As of the specific entries, they are the sum of each "feature's" code. See Susan's blog for a complete listing:


Object detail level (flags and can be combined)
- Airport

o Towered = 0x1
o Not towered = 0x2
o Hard runway = 0x4
o Soft runway = 0x8
o Water = 0x10
o Heliports = 0x20
o Private = 0x40

0x5 = 0x1 | 0x4 = Towered and hard-runwayed airports
0x7 = 0x1 | 0x2 | 0x4 = Towered, untowered, and hard-runwayed airports.
0x1F = 0x1 | 0x2 | 0x4 | 0x8 | 0x10 = Towered, untowered, hard-runwayed, soft-runwayed, and water-based airports

and so forth...

In other words, the map is showing more and more airports as the user zooms in on the map (based on the value of @g:map_ZoomStep).
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Thanks Fr. Bill. This is brilliant. I had alot of questions on those and the layers, etc.

The more I dug around in the GPS, the more amazed I was at how super sophisticated it actually is. There are so many area's in the Garmin500 that I havent even found yet, such as visual runway maps when selecting an approach option, etc.

Incredible and massive amount of work!

I wonder if Susan is the same lady as the one at Sim-Outhouse?

Thanks again for the blog link. I am off to read through it.



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Just for the sake of completeness, all bits "on" would be 0x7f (binary 1111111).

o Towered         = 0x1  = 1
o Not towered     = 0x2  = 2
o Hard runway     = 0x4  = 4
o Soft runway     = 0x8  = 8
o Water           = 0x10 = 16
o Heliports       = 0x20 = 32
o Private         = 0x40 = 64