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FS2004 Ground Polygon Help Required


I am trying to produce a ground polygon for Fs2004 using the Fs2002 Game pack. This what I am doing:
Creating a plane in Gmax, converting it to editable mesh and applying a material (texture- the default concrete.bmp) I have tried with and without ZBIAS_.
Exporting it, and saving the ASM and ASM_0 files. Changing the ADDOBJ to ADDCAT, and added the layer (various from 8 thru 40). Removing the shadow_Call line. Then using BGLC_9 to compile the .mdl file.
However when I go to compile the .mdl file using BGLComp I get the following errors:
ERROR C2014: Failed to load model data in file: V_Bomber_Dispersal.mdl
ERROR C2149: Failed to load model data!
ERROR C2340: Failed to finalize MODEL_DATA!
ERROR C2032: XML Parse Error! Element tree follows:

ERROR: version = 9.0
ERROR: <ModelData
ERROR: name = E057C74A479DE6D06FB0458DC43E7F8D
ERROR: sourceFile = V_Bomber_Dispersal.mdl
ERROR C2024: Failed to process closing element tag <ModelData> near line 14!

I'm guessing there is an error in the .mdl file somewhere. I have deleted everything, even the gmax file, and started from scratch, but I still get the same error. Am I missing a step somewhere, or have I missed the point about producing ground polys.

Thanks in advance

I think you are mixing apples and oranges here. The placement code should already be in the *.asm file. No need to use bglcomp.exe. So all you should need to do after you do your tweaking, is compile to a *.bgl file with bglc.exe. Not sure if bglc_9.exe will work as I always use the old compiler, which I KNOW will work on FS2002 source files.

You can also use BGLC_9 to create the BGL file. But the important thing is that the Fs2002 ASM code will create a valid BGL file (that already includes the placement), not a MDL file. So you can't use it with BGLComp. The file can be put directly in your scenery folder and the placement is entered when you export from GMax.
Thanks Guys.

I used BGLC_9 to add some reflective textures to a building a while ago and thought that you could use it to produce FS2004 style .mdl files. Always learning in this game. I compiled the tweaked .asm file using BGLC and it worked fine.

The scenery I am working on has several stands the same, so I was hoping I could produce a ground poly for this, create a .mdl file and use xml to position it in several places. Looks like I will have to position them all in gmax and then use bglc to produce a .bgl file for all of them.

Thanks again
Hi Derek,

That is correct. Another approach is to make a library of the Fs2002 object with FsRegen and then call that object with an API macro. That will allow you to re-use the same object at different places while still correcting the ground polygons problem.

But maybe finding and getting FsRegen to work is too much work for something like this.