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[FS2004] New scenery for the city of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

I'd like to invite you to know the newest scenery for the beautiful city of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. This is our 9th version of Rio de Janeiro scenery for FS2004. The fotoreal area was expanded to aproximately 1500Km2, and numerous landmarks included. New SBGL Tom Jobim airport was included as well as improvments on SBRJ Santos Dumont, SBJR Jacarepagua, SBAF Afonsos and SDIN Clube Ceu. Improved overall performance and good performance to detail ratio, thru intensively use of LODs, make this scenery suitable even on simple machines and lap tops. By Newton Drumond, Fern Marques, Dave Pearce and Luis Vargas (me!).

A scenery full of landmarks for those who like to fly VFR.

Download at http://simviation.com/serg/download-file?file=RioDeJaneiroV9.0.zip

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I downloaded this and I have to thank you for this AWESOME AND BEATIFUL scenery! I'm probably going to do a video about this soon. Thank you for this =))
Very nice indeed! Awesome news, specially for me that am working on the A330 type rating at my VA TAP Virtual, I expect some visual approaches soon :D
Newton Drumond is working to adapt this FS9 version to run in FSX. It will be avaiable for download soon.

That's the best news I have read in a while.

I loved this package in FS9, but have been dying to have some good Rio scenery in FSX.

Will this package work with the Tropical Sim SBRJ and SBGL?

Will this package work with the Tropical Sim SBRJ and SBGL?

Hi, cmpbllsjc. Newton Drumond informed me that you already have an answere about the compatibility of Tropical Sim airports in V9X. I'm not participating in V9X project. I do not like FSX. Also I am no longer participating in the Terra Brasilis' forum for personal reasons and I already canceled my login in that web site.
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Hello, José. I tested here in my FS9 (clean of any add-on) and I could check that your claim is correct. I've passed the information to the Newton Drumond, who developed all the airports in the RioDeJaneiroV9. Please wait for our fix and thanks for your feedback to improve our freeware scenery.
Hi, José. Download Airport_SBGL_WithSigns9.bgl from http://www.4shared.com/file/iA2t1r_x/Airport_SBGL_WithSigns9.html and put it in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Addon Scenery\RioDeJaneiroV9.1\Scenery. Also exclude the old bgl version Airport_SBGL_WithSigns7.bgl (you'd better make a copy of it before exclude). This procedures fixed the same bug here in my desktop. Please, send us you feedback about this fix. Thanks.
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Hello, my name is Luis Vargas and I am one of the developers of the RioDeJaneiroV9 scenario, for FS2004. I request your help to publicize my tutorial "Blender 2.8 for flight simulators". Thank you.