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MSFS Fs2020 change default aircraft flight dynamics


Does anybody knows how to edit default cessna 172 / 152 flight dynamics as there was in aicraft.cfg / air file ?

I just needs to reduce control response and increase pitch moment due to flaps / engine

Do you know how to set attitude indicator or glideslope fail ?
This is the path on my computer:
check for relevant derivatives such as:
lift_coef_delta_elevator (line 140)
pitch_moment_delta_elevator (line 153)

Though I did not test this!
Also, flight model choice in MSFS2020 is still not clear to me (https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/msfs2020-flight-model.448485/).

Also, I expect in the future that DRM protected content will have this info encrypted (not accessible).
Correction, coefficients that I stated in my previous post are obsolete and not used for flight model, though may be used for other systems such as autopilot to function properly.
Please check file:///C:/MSFS%20SDK/Documentation/01-Getting_Started/Tutorials/02-Flight_model_definition/index.html document at:
Step 6: Control surfaces -> Ailerons and general stability.
You could simply just change aileron surface area to affect aileron performance, or just decrease joystick sensitivity by 85%!! as I did :-D.
I do see a funny statement in SDK tutorial document quote:"We recommend starting with aileron control as it will allow to set the general stability of the aircraft"... not sure what they meant here.