FS9 aircraft carrier arresting cables

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I know, I know, FS9 is old. But there are many people who still use it, as it is a superior product.

If CFS2 had a carrier landing that worked, is it possible to place the CFS2 carrier (the Essex) in FS9 and somehow make it work?

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So, let me change the question...

Is there a way of addingn arresting cables to FS9? (or to FSX, for that matter).


Hi, all
After getting the rcbco-20.zip and doing all the steps, the arresting cables don't seem to work... Any other clues?
Okay, but it worked for me with different aircrafts and carriers...
But it is some time ago. So let me test some flights again.

Perhaps I can then help with some files...

Did the catapults work?

The panel should look like this for a F4U-7 Corsair

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For training I suggest to use aircrafts which are easy to fly, such as Grumman Greyhound, T-45 Hawk and not Hornets, Tomcats or Phantoms.

The NAS Meridien (KNMM) is fine for first trainings.
Use daytime, clear all weather and set a front wind of about 20kts to simulate the moving carrier.

If you send me an email, I could send you some files (aircraft, scenery or ini files)
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