FS9 Battery and Avionics Switches


FS9 Battery and Avionics Switches don't work at 2 new Airports.

Not sure what causes this but a new panel I have constructed for dual monitors or a Widescreen monitor suffers from this problem.

This Panel for A380's has worked at these Airports but I reloaded Fs9 to check for any errors before releasing this Panel and this is the last of 3 problems.

The 2 Airports have Flattens and the A380 drops about a foot on loading at these 2 Airports and most gauges/autopilot/ are on even though the switches are off. Autopilot etc can also be switched on.

At stock Airports the plane loads up O.K. but is dead as a Dodo in regards to the gauges,Gps500, autopilot etc.

I have noticed that you can not switch off the Battery/Avionics while flying.

Any ideas how to fix this ??