FS9 gauges

A quick look though the forums here shows that you've all moved onto FS-X. I am still developing for FS-9 - and my question, I believe, will still be pertinent to FS-X - and hopefully beyond. Ok, you can stop laughing, now. really. :eek:

My situation is thus: I am developing a .gau that will be communicating via TCP/IP to a server located far - far away. I have built a switch, which when turned on is supposed to establish the connection between FS9 and my server.

My question is: Where is the most appropriate place to put the read of the socket for the messages coming from the external server?

Thank you for helping those of us still in the dark ages. ;)
If I were you, I'd think about putting the socket reading in a gauge, but connected to local relay application that does the connecting to the remote server and handles the remote comms.

That way you can manage your local comms without fear your long distance comms will block FS from running if there's a connection issue, lag, dropped connection, etc. You can also then ensure the latest relevant data is sent to your gauge at a rate the sim can handle, when it can handle it.

Yes, I agree - but where in the gauge itself - I have a switch that activates (ie sets up, connects, and sends an initial message to the server). Is there a timer or should I put the receive in the update "callback" for the switch - or is there some other better place to put the receive?