FS9 Model converter to FSX

Is there a way to convert FS9 ai aircraft to FSX so that it will activate the Jetways and other functions?
How can this be done?


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FS9 aircraft cannot be converted to FSX format. However, FSX jetways should operate with FS9 aircraft.

The correct operation of a jetway depends on certain settings in the aircraft.cfg file. I know the matter has been diecussed on fsDeveloper. If you do a search on fsDeveloper for "Jetway", you should find it. Otherwise, a post in the aircraft design forum may help.



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As Don said I think it is mainly a cfg setting to get the jetways working. The locations of the doors must be defined. There is nothing in the mdl for it.

With a future update of modelconverterx I hope to allow conversion of ai aircraft from fs2004 to fsx mdl format, since it can give some performance improvements to use fsx materials. But at the moment I am not aware of a tool that can do this.
Thanks to both of you. I did the search and finally found it. I copied the exits from several planes in FSX and placed that data in the FS9 aircraft.cfg and it works fine.
Again thanks a bunch ......