P3D v4 FS9 to P3Dv4 Model Conversion - Rudder Animation Reversed.


I'm trying for the first time to convert model animations using the very fine tool MCX.

All is fine apart from the rudder animation. I converted it and the animation is reversed...

I tried adding new code to the modeldef.xml to correct it but I'm doing something wrong. Can anyone help please?

Here's the code I added:-
<Animation name="rudder_key_reversed" guid="f7e9f836-44c7-46d8-9f9d-bc9aed3dd149" length="100" type="Sim" typeParam2="rudder_key_reversed" typeParam="AutoPlay" />

<PartInfo deprecated="true">
<Variable>RUDDER DEFLECTION</Variable>
Why not just reverse the animation in MCX? In the hierarchy editor, find the rudder part. (do a search for rudder) Click on the relevant ModelPart or SceneGraphNode at the left. Then right click on the Animation word at the right and choose Reverse Animation.