FSDS 3.5 with FSX:Steam and P3D SDK under Win 10

I've been trying since 12/04/2016 to use FSDS 3.5. No joy. Two requests from Abacus resulted in the same fine customer service I've had from them in the past--no response.

I can enter the paths to FSX:Steam and P3D SDK in my sleep, I've done it so many times. I use this combination with ADE, MCX, SAMM and a number of other fsdev tools with absolutely no issues. Sometimes I have to Run as Adminstrator, sometimes I don't. With FSDS I've tried with and without. I've also set UAC to NEVER EVER. Still no joy.

Here's what I get. I Run as Administrator (fsds35.exe). A popup asks me for path to FS2004. Since the same popup says it runs with FS2004 and FSX, I enter the path to FSX and click Continue.

Another popup asks for paths to XtoMDL. I enter the path for the P3D SDK location.
It also asks for the path to BGLCOMP and modeldef.xml. I enter those and click OK.

The popup disappears, but nothing ever happens. The program never runs. Task Manager says it isn't running.

I've given up on Abacus. If I can't get this to work, I'm giving up on every Abacus product I have. I'm willing to put up with a little aggravation with freeware, but payware should have support. Ironically, I have no trouble with the excellent freeware fsdev tools. Only with payware. Might be a lesson there.

I dont know if FSDS can run with P3D SDK. May be you can try to use it with FSX SDK and adapt the MDL or BGL generated for P3D?
p3d v1.4 is identical to FSX SDK that shipped with FSX Gold. It is the only version of P3D SDK that can be used with FSX. It generates and FSX MDL. So far, I've been able to use it with every tool that specifies the FSX SDK from FSX Gold.
I'd say it's probably not compatible. It's a real shame that FSDS seems to have died a death in terms of updates. I'm currently using the FSDS 3.52 version that I got after requesting it from Abacus in order to fix my welding of points - I've always found Adam to be helpful. However I've not been able to get FSDS 3.52 to work with FSDSxtweak 2.8 and that fine piece of software is no longer supported which leaves me using FSDS 3.52 and using MCX to convert materials etc.

Perhaps you'd be better off using the free Blender software, or even the Gmax in FSX - although I have no experience in those programs.
I'd say it's probably not compatible.

Perhaps you'd be better off using the free Blender software, or even the Gmax in FSX - although I have no experience in those programs.
Thanks, DB. I think you're right about FSDS not being compatible with the software I have. I'm going to bag it until I hear otherwise and stick to freeware fsdev tools that are well supported (ADE and MCX are outstanding).

I've used Sketchup for woodworking and metalworking for years, and started using it for modeling, mostly structures, for FSX. I think I'm going to give it a serious try for all scenerey design.

Trying to model in Blender is a HUGE time sink with a near-vertical learning curve. Seriously, I used it hours daily for a month, devouring tutorials and trying to model everything in sight. Last week I went camping in Death Valley and when I got back I'd forgotten so much I could barely use it .:D
Yeah I downloaded Blender and then gave up very quickly afterwards. I still use FSDS for FSX aircraft, and the models do work in P3D although not utilising the new P3D sdk.
Suggestion... to add my whale breathing effect I did that : MDL make with FSDS -> export to *.3DS file with MCX -> import *.3DS file and adding effect in Gmax/FSTools. Fortunatly the *.3DS file keep texture mapping of my MDL so I have nothing to do about that in Gmax, just (!) smooting, linking parts, adding effect and making animation.

May be it is possible to do a similar manipulation and have a FSX/P3D compatible model...
Look up XtoMDL UI It's a very simple tool that allows you to choose which compiler you wish to use. Just select the .x filfe from fsds choose the mpdeldef xml file you wish to use and it will compile the model. You can point it to any sdk that has a makemdl in it.