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For a long time now I use FSDS V2 for creating 3D-Objects and I really like the program. Does anybody know, if there is a chance to use the output of FSDS in SceneGenX? I can export the XML code and also generate an MDL-File.
I know, that this is used for aircrafts but would it be possible to use it for 3D-Objects in sceneries also?

Have no real hope that it is possible but I hate GMAX.



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Hi Joerg,

No, the aircraft MDL can not be used as scenery MDL. So that option does not work.

Also the XML code FSDS makes is not in the BGLComp format. But it does contain all information of the object. I have already started on a converter that can transform this exported XML into a scenery MDL object. Only the time is a bit limited, so I do not know when it will be ready.