FSDS -API , rotate to aircraft

I create some API from FSDS and I need rotate it to aircraft ,
And second question is :how to rotate API to the wind?Or is posible do this in FSDS??

Thanks Paul :confused:
it is possible but hardly directly from FSDS. You will have to decide, whether You wish just a rotation to aircraft, rotation to the wind or both. You need to decide if Oyu wish to rotate whole object or just a part in it.
For whole object, You will need to correct the API manually and change the line
RotatedCall( :B 0 0 %5 )
TransformCall( :B  0 0 0  0 0  0 0  0 C74 ) ;for rotate to the wind
RotateToAircraft( :B  0 0 0  0 0 0  0 1 0 );for rotation to the aircraft
In case You need to roate only a part of the whole object, then You will need to change the appropriate Call32( :part000xxx ) to one of the above two lines, where You should also need to replace :B with the :part000xxx.
The second thing, if it comes to roataion to the wind, it is possible to do directly in FSDS. You will need to go part properties, then add a condition and there select transformation. In the last row You should enter C74 varible in the bottom right edit box.
If You have parts that also need to be moved, together with base ("parent") part, then You will need to create ownership for the child parts so to tag every child part with parent part. You will need to enter transformation only for the parent part.

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Hi Gorchi,
Thank you for ansfer,
For now i try rotate to aircraft , workink fine , bud I have another problem ,
the object is sometime visable , sometime not , when I move aircraft around the object in slew mode (in normal mode the same) object is visable , when i move to anoter position ,object is not visable is like flasinkg in 30 second iterval , whats wrong??


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Sounds like you have set the v2 value of the object too small. I can't remember if FSDS does hardcode this in the API, but try to enter a bigger value for v2 when you place the macro.
it might be v2 value, it might be having the object not in the center, it might be also coding mistake.
For me right now it looks like the center of the object is dislocated from point (0,0,0) so v2 value is working only at some angle. Check the center location of the object and try to increase v2 value. The latter You can do in two ways.
One is to enlarge v2 value in RefPoint() instruction in API, the second is to draw a polygon which has similar shape of the object in top-down view and name it scenery_icon (check the name using the button right of the box in part proprties) and tag it as reference part, so it won't be visible.
May I ask You, what do You are trying to make, a T sign, windsock, anemomether...? Flashing can have source somewhere else, maybe because of use C74/C72 variables...

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