FSDS v3 or v3.51 install

Hi all
I have used FSDS for many years and love it. But I'm sad to say that I had a huge computercrash resently.
I managed to save almost 90% of all my data on the disc. But now when I'm reinstalling my computer I have made the really sad discovery that the install file for FSDS has been lost.
I have contacted Abacus 3 or 4 times to get a download link since the links I got years ago when I bought the program seems to be invalid now a days.
But they have not given me a single letter in response. Are they still up and running or are Abacur a memory these days?
Any way, I have all my licensnumbers and thing to register online. So all I need is the program file. So if any one have the install file for FSDS V 3 or 3.51. Could you please send it to me. And I don't need any licensinfo, I have my own valid license.
My mail is info@rbdesign.se

Cheers fello simmers
Bob, my savior
Thank you so much!
Works like a charm so now it's back to building amasing scenerys again =D
Scare me up on skype- Let's fiddle with some scenery together some time. Bob (old retired school teacher, Ione Washington