Am attempting to convert an FSDS3 model for use in FSX, via FS2XPLANE, AC3D and then FSX-GMAX. I know that my FSDS3 model will work if I just drop it directly into FSX. But I want to take the long way around and go through these conversion programs to get my model into FSX anyway. Sounds nuts to do this, but I have my reasons. I can get the model all the way through the process, and into FSX. But, the DXT1 textures from FSDS3 are not showing up in FSX.

Anyone have an idea that might help?

I am far from being an expert, but I recently did this.

If I recall correctly (which I might not be..) I had to invert the alpha channel of my textures and save them as 32bit extended bitmap.

But I did so much messing around that it could be that the above was just one thing amongst many that I tried that may or may not have worked!

(Sorry for maybe not being much help!)

I was not aware of the FS2XPLANE utility, and since I'm at work, cannot donwload and read the documentation.

My obivous question would be: why not use the CVA converter to convert the FSDS fsc to dxf and import directly into gmax?

Reading your post, however, leads me to believe that you are converting the fsc<?> into AC3D and then into gmax, presering the texture and animations?

I had considered using CVA, but found out that using the conversion process first through FS2XPlane then importing into AC3D, and exporting from there into FSX-Gmax would in large part preserve the texture mapping. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. I had heard of this being done before, and thought I would give it a try. I only had limited success. Very limited. But am still working on it.