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FSDSShape alters the airport symbol that is defined in your FSDS made API macros. By default this shape, that is shown in tools like Airport for Windows or FSSC, is just a simple box fitting around your entire object. FSDSShape will replace this with one box for each part of your object. This way you can see the shape of your object more detailed and that makes it easier for you to place the objects.

FSDSShape has been designed for FSDS version 1 and does NOT work with FSDS version 2. This is because FSDSShape is reading through the API source code to detect the object and is not able to read the new floating point commands. The good news for the user is that FSDS version 2 allows you to set the shape of the object in the program, so there is no need for FSDSShape either.

In this thread you can download the latest version of FSDSShape. The current version is 1.0.


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