FSEarth Tiles.... any way that I can keep the autogen?

Today I have found out about FSEarth Tiles. It looks promising, however I have a small problem. Whenever I export a terrain tile into FSX (I've only tried this with cities so far), it shows up, but any and every autogenerated/generic building that would otherwise be there is flattened and removed. Default scenery and/or custom buildings that I've exported still show up, but everything else disappears. Might there be any way to export the terrain as a simple ground texture, so that the autogenerated buildings are still there?
Hi Robert:

Custom photo-real imagery BGLs prevent display of Autogen annotations on underlying default land class textures.

One must Autogen SDK "Annotator" to create custom Autogen annotations for the custom photo-real imagery BGL.

Alternatively, Arno's ScenProc may be able to semi-automate building detection for Autogen creation / annotation using Geo-referenced imagery such as is output by FSET.

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