FSEarth Tiles P3d V4.4

Hi Randy:

Which aspect of working with FSET do you believe may not be compatible with P3d V4.4, and requires a "work-around" ? :scratchch

I doubt there will ever be a new 'version' by the original author, as FSET has been "abandon-ware" for many years.

However, some FSDevelopers apparently do continue to use it, and even though it was originally created for use with FS2004, it seems to still be 'adaptable' for use even with P3D: :idea:


FSET is fully compatible with P3Dv4.4. The only thing you can do is to copy the resample.exe from the P3D SDK to your FSET-folder and rename it to "resampleFSXSP2.exe".
When you select the FSX in FSET the P3D-native resample.exe gets used.