FSEconomy Fuel Tank Issues

I wasn't really sure where to post this question. If the moderators feel it is a better fit in some other area, please do so...

If any of you have flown for, or are flying for, FSEconomy you know that within the FSEconomy database are aircraft "specifications" that give weights, fuel quantities, fuel tank configurations, fuel flow, etc, etc. If the aircraft you are attempting to fly in FSEconomy doesn't match those FSE "Specs" there can be issues with fuel used, distance able to fly, etc, etc.

Consequently, I am trying to use an aircraft that has four fuel tanks, Center, Center2, Left Main, and Right Main that total 36 gallons of fuel (its a small prop GA aircraft). The FSE specification says it only has one tank, Center, with a capacity of 13 gallons. So, when i use the FSE Client to refuel the aircraft it will only fill the Center tank, not the remaining three and the Center tank on the flightsim aircraft will not hold 13 gallons, just 6 gallons. Fuel when flying this plane is obviously an issue.

I have "worked around" the problem temporarily by changing the aircraft.cfg so the Center tank holds 13 gallons and have "removed" the other three tanks by placing "//" in front of their entries in the config file. A bandaid fix, but the aircraft works that way for both Flightsim and FSEconomy. A minor irritant has reared it's ugly head by doing this, however. The fuel gauge in the panel no longer displays a fuel quantity. It's a simple xml needle gauge that reads "100%" on the right and "Empty" on the left. it would be nice to see my fuel percentage, but certainly not an absolute necessity. I have looked at the xml code for the needle and really do not understand what I am looking at.

Here is a short snippet from within the xml code that seems to be relevant to me, but not sure what it all means...

<Element id="Element">
<Image id="Image" Name="fuel_needle.bmp">
<Rotation id="Rotation">
<Expression id="Expression">
(L:Fuel Gauge Select, number)
1 ==
if{ (A:Fuel tank center capacity,gallons) (A:Fuel tank center2 capacity,gallons) + s0
(A:Fuel tank center quantity,gallons) (A:Fuel tank center2 quantity,gallons) + s1
l1 l0 /
els{ (A:Fuel tank left main level,position) (A:Fuel tank right main level,position) + 2 / }
I see the words "Gauge Select" followed by a "1", but there is no fuel tank select switch. All tanks feed continuously until empty.

This xml code is found in "fuel.xml" within a cabinet file called fuel.cab along with three bitmap files.

Is there any way to make the fuel quantity gauge, based on this xml code, read...and display...only the quantity in Fuel Tank Center, which is the only tank capable of holding fuel at this point. It would make me happy to see a "quantity" and make FSEconomy happy to see only the Center Tank with their capacity of 13 gallons listed.



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The forced aircraft configurations was what I hated about FSE and became one of the motivations for creating MI Tool. No limitations regarding fuel tank configuration there.

Dumbing the gauge down is simple:
(A:Fuel tank center quantity,gallons) (A:Fuel tank center capacity,gallons) /
See the minimum and maximum values for the needle to realize that fuel indication needs to be in fractions, i.e. quantity divided by capacity.
"(L:Fuel Gauge Select, number) 1 ==" is used to switch between center and wing tank indications. Since there are no wing tanks anymore, this can be left out.
Same for any reference to center2. And what's left over can be simplified without requiring extra stacks (s0/l0 and s1/l1). Hence the resulting, rather simple code.

You sir, are a genius, a boon to society, just an all-around good guy. Your suggestion worked perfectly...of course you probably had no doubt it would. I, on the other hand, have rarely and very little work experience opening a cabinet file, modifying xml code, and then closing said cabinet file.

There is probably an easier way to do it than I took, but after several forays on to the "net" I finally figured out how to do it using the cabdir.exe tool from the SDK.

Works like a charm. Capacity is listed as one tank only at 13 gallons. Filling that tank shows "Full" on the panel gauge. Reducing it to 50% fuel (6.5 gallons) shows the needle pointing straight up at the halfway point of the fuel gauge. Emptying the tank shows the needle resting dead on the "Empty" mark.

If we were any where close in real life I would buy you a beer, a whisky, or whatever your favorite beverage of choice is...and a steak dinner!



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I'd take the beer, but the steak dinner is a bit much for five minutes worth of work. Actually scratch the beer as well. I'll be more than happy if I've invoked a learning effect regarding gauge editing.