FSX: added aircraft not showing in display


Let me explain. I installed the IFDG original A320 "AirOne"-livery for FSX and it's working fine. Then (because I am a Belgian fellow ;) and very soon Sabena will be back again I hope) I installed also the IFDG A320 Sabena for FS2004 in FSX and put the Panel and Sound maps of the original aircraft in the new folder. But the aircraft is not showing in the display... only an airccraft with a question-mark is shown. Can I change that and how ?
For what concerns the Sabena IFDG... it works also perfect.

Greetz. José.

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I downloaded the free software "Easy Thumbnail" and have now the picture of the Sabena in the display. The only thing you have to do is rename the file into "thumbnail" (and not tn_xyz). :)

For what concerns the Sabena: I received an e-mail from the author, saying that it's better to put the texture in the folder of the original A320 because the aircrft.cfg is adapted for FSX and the file Sabena not (see image: the windows of the aircraft are black). :rolleyes:

Greetz. José.
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What you need to do is take a shot, resize the image and give the name thumbnail.jpg it doesn't have nothing to do with windows file thumbs.db.

Regarding the windows, maybe the problem is the lack of texture fallback. In the texture directory you can find a texture.cfg, just copy this file to the folder that contains the new texture.


The author wrote:

Dear Josè,

i saw your screen shot about the Sabena and I think is not OK! Did you see the cockpit windows? Are black and not transparent!

Since I uploaded the A320 to version 1.4 and I modified the cfg, is better for you if copy the Sabena texture to my folder and add in the Aircraft.cfg the Sabena info (I suppose you are able).

To show the image of aircraft in the list just make a screen shot and resize to 512x128 proportions, save it as .JPG and rename in “thumbnail.JPG” than move it in the Sabena texture folder.

That’s all!


Well... I found it easier to use the program "Easy thumbnail" to make quickly the needed thumbnail.

Greetz. José.