FSX Alternative?

I need to upgrade my computer. I cannot install FSX on the new system.

Is there an alternaive to FSX? I want to sill be able to use ADE.

Bob Macklin
Seattle, Wa


Resource contributor
The obvious answer is P3D, although since we don't know why FSX won't install we can't really know if that is a solution.
I have 3 copies of FSX, One STANDARD and two DELUXE.

Each allows two insallations. I have used all the installations. I have not been able to get Microsoft to reset them.

Bob Macklin
Seattle, Wa
You might watch for a sale at Steam, FSX-SE has been trouble-free for me, and they have really tuned it up very well, quite stable and as far as I know works well with add-ons you may already have.
If you want to step up for P3D as Tom suggested, you may be able to upgrade your Flight Sim experience along with your new computer.
Another Flight Sim option available would be Aerofly FS2, but I believe it is more costly, requires vast amounts of RAM, a powerful GPU, and lots of hard drive space TB+.
From the reviews I have seen I recall it was pretty spectacular in the areas covered, I kind of lost track of whether they were making it easier to develop aircraft for it, or whether they had added support for helicopters.
If you have deep pockets Aerofly FS2 may be an option.



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You could just clear your registry of FSX entries and get as many installs as you want. Barring that, FSX:SE is like $25 and runs as smooth as glass compared to the old FSX:Gold, Acceleration, or whatever you want to call it.