FSX:SE FSX crashed before loading stock airport edited with ADE.

Hi, I edited a stock airport and compiled it to bgl file, but fsx didn't load it. (Other unedited stock airports, or Addon airports can be loaded.)

FSX suddenly finished when I start loading it. (loaded 0%)

So I tried that; I loaded the stock airport to ADE, and compiled it without any changes.
But it didn't work. Of course, I could load the stock airport (when I removed the self-made addon) with fsx.

I uploaded the addon includes compiled bgl file and ade's project file. Is there any file missing in my folder?
I'm a beginner so please give me some advice.

I'm using latest version ADE and P3D's bgl compiler.



Resource contributor
You did back up the stock airport didnt you before doing anything? It might be wise to put the original backed up version back in place and then load. If you havent backed up the original (which you wont have touched in anyway) you may have to run the FSX install again to repair. That way you are cleaning out any missed errors - Then we can look at whats added and see if its an issue or if the something is not sending data to the right areas for use.

As a side note its better to save the stock airport you changed as an add on that way the stock is untouched in the main system for just this reason and the scenery library loads it just like any add on you may venture to us from other sources
Thanks! I installed P3D V1 compiler and it worked!

I'm editing stock airports as addons as you said :D Thank you for your advice!