FSX crashes when the BGL is used

There is a default airport that I am trying to refurbish so that it more or less reflects the real airport, the airport is at 272 feet asl.

I used FSX Planner R28 I followed these steps:

1. Used it to retrieve the standard airport from the FSX BGL
2. Created an exclusion area -exclude all- within FSX Planner
3. Moved the airport to its real location, it is still within the exclusion area
and just some 20 feet off the FSX location. Corrected the rwy heading as well
4. Added the apron
5. Added the 3 parking places (was getting errors with taxiways so I
left them out)
6. Added tower as custom scenery object
7. Added VOR box as custom scenery object
8. Added hangar as custom scenery object
9. Added windsock as custom scenery object
10. Corrected geographical location info (city, province)

I performed the cleanup, the check for errors and compiled without errors. Then I placed the generated BGL into the add-on scenery folder and added it
to the FSX scenery library (it regenerated its scenery cache).

Then when I run FSX as soon as I select the default airport (which is now substituted by my new one) FSX crashes. If I remove or disable that FSX Planner-generated scenery then all goes well but I get the default FSX airport.
Remove the parking spaces and see if the crash goes away. I want to recall that the unconnected spaces can cause a crash, but not 100% sure.


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Orpham parking can cause a crash. Perhaps you could attach the compiled bgl file to a post here so we can take a look at it?
Thanks man! that was indeed the problem! I removed them and the problem was gone. I remade them and now it is all good.

FSX Planner however suffers from amnesia, it never remembers my previous settings and I have to reenter all paths again before the first compile.
I have a problem with fsx same idea but with an apron is there a way to finish an apron rather than just clicking to use cursor rather than draw tool
I think right click or center mousewheel click will end the apron in FSX Planner.
Forgive me if its wrong, havent used FSX Planner in some months. I tend to use ADE and Sbuilder for all my needs.