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FSX Custom AI Traffic conflicts with WOAI?

Hi there,

I used AI Flight Planner to create some of 'my own' AI traffic at existing airports. This traffic only never actually appeared, although the flightplans were (as far as I could tell) correct.

To track down the cause, I first did the following:

- Set AI air traffic volume to 100%. This did not solve the problem.
- Temporarily remove custom AFCAD/BGL files. This did not solve the problem.
- Add (even) more parking space to the concerning airports. This did not solve the problem.

- Then I temporarily removed all World of AI Traffic BGL files from the Scenery\World\scenery directory. This 'SOLVED' THE PROBLEM. My custom traffic appeared!

But, as you may understand, I would like to keep WOAI traffic. So what I tried next for a test was to add a few entries to an existing WOAI BGL file using AI Flight Planner.
This, unfortunately, resulted in the concerning AI package completely not appearing in FSX. Only again when removing all other WOAI files, the altered WOAI package flights would appear in FSX.

So... the problem still remains: I would like to be able to create custom flightplans using AI Flight Planner and those flights should actually appear in FSX along with all World of AI traffic.

Since I still haven't found out the exact cause and a way to fix this, I thought it would be smart asking the experts on this forum. All help/tips are welcome. Thank you in advance :)
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the WOAI traffic files are all FS9 files. If you have one or more fs9 traffic files none of the FSX traffic files would appear. You have to convert all fs9 traffic files to FSX standard.



Resource contributor
What FlyEF said! Please see the "sticky" above and Section 4.2 of the User Manual.

AIFP will convert the WOAI traffic files to FSX format - as described in the User Manual.

WoAI persists in making their flight plans available in FS9 version traffic files only - and without making this clear in the documentation. I've tried contacting them - twice - without response or any apparent effect.

Once you convert the WoAI traffic files to FSX format, your custom FSX traffic should display normally.

It works great now!

I noticed a few topics regarding issues with FS9 traffic files. I first thought they weren't relevant to my issue, as I was using FSX only. It makes sense to me only now hearing that WOAI generates FS9 flightplans!

Thank you for the help :)

You are done now, but another way to do that would have been to compile your new plans for FS9. I don't use WOAI plans but I have used a few of their planes.


I do not normaly encourage the use of FS9 traffic files in FSX, and I do not use them myself. But it is an option. I have heard that FS9 files remove boat traffic. This is not true in my sim. Several times I have put FS9 files in my sim (as a test) and I still have boats. Something else might be removing boat traffic, but in my sim it is not FS9 files.

but if you're using FS9 traffic files you are losing the boat traffic in FSX!



Hi Horst

What you loose are these


All the remaining boats such as pleasure craft that we see on Bay water, lakes, rivers are autogenerated same as animated vehicle freeway traffic. Flightplans have no effect since these class boats/vehicles are not on compiled flightplans (for water or land).

However with that said, my statement is based on what everyone see's, thinks, reads post/written documents, etc. and those may not be correct for everyone. Based on the coding that FSX uses to generate a flightplan with TDBB compiler and options we all have available then that gives us many ways to combine different FP compiled schemes.

Any TTool compiled flightplan can be used so the FSX default bgl FP's can coexist (FSX has 3 total TDBB FP bgl's which are 1 air and 2 water). The limitation that so many developers, designers and users post on is not the fault of TTools compiler, TDBB compiler, FS8, FS9 or FSX.

Since the release of FS8 (FS2002) some like myself have been using both the FS default traffic bgl's and TTools compiled bgl's for their own traffic.

The true fault is the way the 3rd party flightplans are made and placed into non-compliant addon scenery folders in FSX. If FP users are not placing the compiled FP bgl's into the folder that FS9/FSX specifies then right at the start of FSX you loose half of the 2 algorithms required to calculate/place AI planes that must be read before Africa in the scenery.cfg and then FS must read the Airport at the APX bgl and then read the enhanced airport (if it exist) at the addon scenery layers.

If you know how to read and understand the FS simulators SDK TrafficToolBox.dll Module the following shows the default FSX flightplans that are coexisting with my TTools FPs that are ported over from FS9. What I have changed is some of my GA Aircraft assignment so my TTools FS9 Flightplans are using the FSX default GA Airplanes plus my own from various FS9 AI plane developers. I also updated the ICAO Airport codes but did not change the day of the week since that only effects all those real world Airline FP's that 3rd party create.

WOAI does not make Flightplans or AI Planes but is a group that assembles 3rd party FP's/FS9 AI Planes (with permission) using an installer. There are 2 types of FP's that WOAI will release. One is for FS9 and one is for FSX. That does not mean the FSX FP's will coexist with any FP you converted to FSX but only means the day of the week and the ICAO airport codes are correct as per the SDK.

It takes 3 pictures to show almost the full list of my compiled FP's along with all the default FSX Jet/GA traffic at this airport and the surrounding traffic in the visual zone (both at other airports and enroute).



This picture shows a FSX default B737-800 FSX plane that is part of the default FSX bgl's landing on one runway while a FS9 TTool FP bgl DC10 is taxing onto another runway for takeoff (my Xwind runways are in use)

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Thanks, Jim


Along these lines, I just noticed something. I wrote a FP for Ksan and Klax, and compiled it for FS9. I installed it in FSX and went to Ksan. As expected, default traffic was gone at Ksan. However, I looked in traffic explorer, and there was plenty of default traffic around Ksan. After a while default planes showed up. This is not a problem, just an observation.


the WOAI traffic files are all FS9 files. If you have one or more fs9 traffic files none of the FSX traffic files would appear. You have to convert all fs9 traffic files to FSX standard.


Hi Horst

How would I do that? (n00b at this). Would TTools work?

Take Care