FSX Droppable Object with Inertia

Hi Guys,

I would like to make an FSX droppable object that follows a true parabolic curve based on it's initial inertia from the aircraft. The default FSX flour bomb does not exhibit this behavior, it just drops strait down from it's release point.

Can this be accomplished by using a .air file?

Roy Holmes

Resource contributor
The flour bomb is to be found under the "Misc" section of Sim Objects in the FSX directory. It is in the category "SimpleObject". This means it is not an aircraft so it has no air file.
You can dangle SimpleObjects on a hoist from a helicopter and they can have some aerodynamic qualities, but let them go and they fall straight down.
If you want it to act like a ballistic bomb, with a defined trajectory, you will need to give it aerodynamic qualities which means make it an airplane with an air file and all the usual folders and files.
This gets complicated, but is a necessary step.

Hi Roy,

Thanks much for your response. That is pretty much what I had surmised. However, I've done some experimentation with just modifying the "sim.cfg" file for the droppable object. I observed some surprising (perhaps not so surprising to the experienced developers) results. Here is a summary of what I found:

1. The droppable will trigger the defined effect for "ImpactLand" only when using the "category=SimpleObject."
2. The droppeable object can be given a vector in line with the forward motion of the aircraft from which it is dropped when:
A. "category=GroundVehicle"
B. "category=boat"
C. The sim.cfg [DesignSpecs] section contains:
a. max_speed_mph = nn.n
b. acceleration_constants = nn.n, -nn.n
c. deceleration_constants = nn.n, -nn.n
3. Using the "category=Airplane" produced no visible effect.

I did not yet try the other catagories; "Blimp" and "Container".

The trial with "category=boat" was the most fun scenario, as it produces an object that follows a parabola (roughly and with the correct speed and acceleration constants) to the ground/water and produces a visible wake. This could do nicely for simulation of a torpedo, especially when dropped from a Destroyers torpedo launcher. :duck:

I suspect the proper way to accomplish a droppable object with the proper inertia imparted from the aircraft is through the simconnect API. That way the inertia can be calculated properly. Then the big trick would be creating a droppable based on those figures. I think I have a WHOLE lot of learning ahead of me.