FSXA FSX Gold-Edition Acceleration DVD for SDK?

I installed FSX and SDK with my 3 GoldEdition DVD's in the past more times.
Now I had a crash with my PC and try to install my FSX one more time.
I installed FSX with the 2 DVD's (they are the professional) activated FSX and then I installed the Acceleration DVD and activated it also.
Now I tried to install the SDK with the 3, DVD (Acceleration). The WIKI Readme says, I have to run the sdk.msi, but this doesn't work because a message said I first have to run the DELUXE 1 DVD. Why, I have only the Professional DVD?
At the end I installed the SDK with the SDK folder from the first DVD could this be the right SDK? I am worried.
Thank you Mike. I misunderstand one of the messages uninstalling something. And so I stopped.
Now I think the installation worked properly.