FSX KML with W7 problem

Guys, so far had not produced anything in FSX KML W7. It turns out that if you generate a Poly Land Class and copy the respective BGL in Scenery, FSX will not start, keeps loading terrain objects for a long time and then get a message Windows can not continue and must close the program.
If what I do is a BGL of Roads, the route is loaded but not in FSX or appears disproportionate
Hi all. I had problems and I had to format my disks and reinstall W7. When I start FSX_KML I get the message that follows. Then I press "accept" and FSX_KML screen appears with a kml file selected. This file is not deleted but FSX_KML uninstall and reinstall and the tab "Remove KML" not available. I need to know where in W7, FSX_KML saves the information to keep that file and / or as I make the tab available.