FSX Mach readout problem


I posted this on Avsim but it struck me that this forum should be able to answer this if anyone can!
"I'm happily using David Maltby's fine Comet 4 in FSX. All the xml gauges but one work flawlessly.
However the Mach gauge reads high - not accurately as it does in FS9.
I've tried other of DM's Mach gauges (e.g. his VC 10)but with the same result.

Is the mach speed output data different in FSX from FS9?"

Others posted with similar observations adding that the tool-tips readout was infact accurate (same as FS9) but different to the gauge readout - both using the same variable.(!)

Something is going on, but what?


Just to see if anyone else has noticed this anomaly or has any thoughts as to why the mach readout should be different in FSX