FSX map and associated ICAO codes - ANTIQUES

In other threads, I can see that there are numerous errors in the FSX ICAO codes, but this one is slightly different.

Can anyone tell me what file(s) are associated with the map that FSX uses? It apparently has a database somewhere in the system, but I have not been able to find it. It is so antique with ICAO codes that I suspect they go back to FS2000 or FS2004 days. Even where the FSX database shows an airport in Tillamook, OR (for example) as being KTMK, if you look at the map while on the ground there, it shows the ICAO code as S47.

I have found several files - - - f4.csv, t5.csv and g5.csv that all reference S47 (frequencies, parking spots, and I think taxiways) but nothing reference the map itself.

I'd love to get that data updated along with the other ICAO data locations.

The default ICAO for Tillamook is S47. You must have installed an add-on which changed its ICAO.

Both the changed and default will be visible in the "Select Airport" window, but the basic details (including ICAO) are read from Base 0101.

Sorry, but the old S47 now has the ICAO code of KMTK and has for awhile. FSX calls it S47 because the database is OLD. However, my question is about the map that FSX uses and what the possible file name for the database might be. It may possibly be the same file that is used for the 'Select Airport' page, as I cannot find anything relative to the map.

By chance, I just had to do a total reload of FSX on my system and the only add-on scenery added so far are my A2A birds with Flight1's GTN750 and ORBX scenery. My 'Select Airport' page shows only S47 (incorrectly).

Garmin's database for the GTN 750 calls this airport KTMK, correctly. The default GTN 400 GPS shows the airport as S47. The pull-down map shows the airport as S47, and the reason I am trying to correct it.

I might add, this is only one of several that I have found recently. This one popped up this past weekend and I am simply trying to make the FSX world more correct.
There's no centralized database file. What you see in the map and in the GPS is collected from the hundreds (thousands?) of scenery BGL files.

If you use ADE and open the stock airport S47, it will tell you which APXxxx.bgl file contains that airport. That file, whatever its name is, probably contains a bunch of other airports too.

One really irritating thing about FSX is that it does not respect the scenery.cfg layer ordering when it's loading up this data while starting up, so even if you replace S47 with an addon BGL that excludes the old airport, you'll still have the old airport ICAO in the map and the GPS.

The addon GTN 750 has its own database which is up-to-date (more or less).

Have a look at http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids.html, it could be that the ils inspector can edit the airport ICAO id's (use extreme caution and make backups if you do so). I noticed this in the change log:

Version 7.30 (17-Feb-2015)
- Adds the possibility to change airport ICAO identifiers (with all associated data)
Thanks Barry..........We'll go that route for now and see if we can make sense out of this map project.

I was in hopes that Microsoft would use its own tools such as Excel & Access and make a real database, but I guess I was expecting too much.