FSXA FSX model killing BGL_LIGHT


Resource contributor
Here's what I did: Modeled two rows of runway lights, one row for each edge of the runway as FSX model. Made only BGL LIGHT LIGHT_NAV model without any parts at all via asm--> bglc_9.exe. Asm file has Z BIAS command, but even without that bgl_light's were there, shining even thru the transparent glass of FSX model of edge light.
Next I made a poly with ground texture but I don't want to use it as "ground poly". When I place this simple but again FSX model in the same location where the bgl lights are, but with different altitude - "ground poly" that is actually fsx model is at 0.0 AGL while bgl lights model is at 0.3 meters AGL and ref. points of both models are far from co-located, the bgl lights are gone.

Any ideas?