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FSX Planner Current Release

This thread will be updated whenever a new release of FSX Planner becomes available. Subscribing to this thread will allow you to be notified whenever a new version has been released. Please do not post comments of questions here, but rather start a new thread instead.


Release 19 of FSX Planner is now available.

This fixes several bugs associated with the Leg elements, as well as adding more runway detail and several new peices of functionality.

In this release:
* The 'smart' taxiway option has been added. This option will set the properties of a taxiway drawn on top of a runway to inherit the properties of that runway. This should reduce the time needed to develop an airport as the taxiway will automatically be assigned as a RUNWAY type as well as being assigned the correct width, surface type, runway number and designator. This option will override the option of inheriting the properties of the previous taxiway path if the new taxiway path is drawn over a runway. This option can be turned off by unchecking the 'Taxiways drawn on runways should inherit the runways properties' checkbox in the Properties dialog.

* You can now cut apron edge light strings, boundary fences and blast fences into multiple segments. To do this, select the apron egde light string, boundary fence or blast fence you wish to cut, and then select the vertex that you want to cut it at. The vertex must be displayed in the object properties display for the cut button to be enabled. Clicking the cut button in the object properties display, or right clicking and choosing the option from the popup menu, will cut the object into two objects after the selected vertex. This is useful for many things such as correcting apron edge light strings that are incorrectly read, or for creating space in an existing fence for a road, etc.

* You can now join two boundary fences, blast fences or apron edge light strings together. To do this drag an end vertex of one fence over an end vertex of another fence and hold the shift key down as you release the mouse button. The two fences, or apron edge light strings, will be joined at that vertex into one longer fence, or apron edge light string.

* Runway VASI, PAPI, etc lights are now displayed as appropriate.

* Runways numbers (idents) are now displayed on the runways as appropriate.

* Runway precision and alternate precision markings are now displayed properly.

* Single ended runways are now displayed properly.

* Inserting an new object will now cause that type of object to be displayed if it is not already so. This is intended to remove issues resulting from trying to insert a VOR, for example, when the Display VORs option is not selected.

* The selection and dragging of vertices has been improved. Aprons, apron edge lights, boundary fences, blast fences and their vertices are all now displayed using the same visual style when they are selected. Vertices associated with boundary fences, blast fences and apron edge lights can now be moved with the generic pointer tool. Just click on a edge light string or fence to select it, then you can click and drag a vertex. You still need to use the specific tools to create, add and remove vertices. This also allows you to cut these strings and fences into two parts without having to use the specific tool.

* There are now shortcut buttons for adding and ILS to a runway. These appear in the runway properties display and allow you to add an ILS, with DME and Glide Slope, to either the primary or secondary end of the runway. Right clicking on a runway will display a popup that also contains the option of adding an ILS to that runway.

* The Clean Up Aprons option has been enhanced to also check for Apron Edge Light strings that have only one vertex. Any that are found will be deleted.

Bug fixes:
* Adding objects and copying and pasting objects was causing extra unneccessary undo/redo events to be generated. This has been fixed.

* Fixed a bug associated with the airport test radius. FSXPlanner was not converting nautical miles to feet or meters. This had a side effect of not reading in VORs, NDBs, Markers and Windsocks if the airport test radius was in nautical miles.

* Fixed a bug associated with writing the XML code for approach Leg segments when the leg had a distance of zero.

* Fixed a bug associated with writing the XML code for approach Leg segments when certain optional parameters were blank.

It can be downloaded here: http://www.zbluesoftware.com/clients/FSXPlanner.zip