FSX Planner How-To-Guides

We are putting together how-to-guides for FSX Planner. These covers the basics of airport design and the tools present in FSX Planner which help you perform the various tasks.

These guides are available from with FSX Planner under the Help menu, and will enventually become an online manual for FSX Planner, and airport design in general.

There is an index available here: http://www.zbluesoftware.com/fsxplanner/features.cfm

At the moment the individual guides are:
The Basics (http://www.zbluesoftware.com/fsxplanner/basics.cfm)

Opening BGL files (http://www.zbluesoftware.com/fsxplanner/bgl.cfm)

Compiling Your Airport (http://www.zbluesoftware.com/fsxplanner/compiling.cfm)

Creating and Editing Aprons (http://www.zbluesoftware.com/fsxplanner/aprons.cfm)

Creating and Editing Taxiways (http://www.zbluesoftware.com/fsxplanner/taxiways.cfm)

Creating and Editing Taxiway Signs (http://www.zbluesoftware.com/fsxplanner/taxiwaySigns.cfm)

Creating and Editing Refueling Locations (http://www.zbluesoftware.com/fsxplanner/fuelTriggers.cfm)

Working With Background Images (http://www.zbluesoftware.com/fsxplanner/backgroundImages.cfm)

We will be adding more as time goes by so please check back often.

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