FSX Planner Release 28 Now Available (March 31st)

Hi all,

It's been a while since the last release of FSX Planner, but hopefully it will be worth the wait! Release 28 is now available.

This release has concentrated on improving the user interface. We wanted to set a new standard in FSX airport CAD applications with this release. Hopefully this goal has been achieved with what we think is a more intuitive, easier to use and highly professional looking interface. Of course the final say is down to the users!

In addition to the new interface we have added the ability to rotate the airport to any angle. This is done by holding down the shift key and moving the mouse scroll button, or by clicking on the North icon to display the rotation properties display, where you can enter a specific rotation.

For more information and screenshots please visit: http://www.zbluesoftware.com/fsxplanner/release28.cfm

To update to this release you can use the Check For Updates option within FSX Planner (File -> Check For Updates). Alternatively you can download the latest installer here: http://www.zbluesoftware.com/fsxplanner/download.cfm

Thanks for your supoort, and I'm looking forward to hear what the community has to say!