Fsx radio frequencies possible change decimal steps

Oh, &%££%%£%%, trust &%££&%ing fsx not to be adaptable when you need it lol what a supprise!!

Oh well, thanks for coming back so quick WarpD. I didnt really expect a positive . But it was worth a fly by.


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Remember that much of the hardcoded stuff in FSX is forever stuck in its 2005/2006 state.

For changes in comm regulations, your only hope is P3D.
even though the frequencies can changes as 8.33 separation (with custom code), as WarpD said Sim System will not recognize it.
I don't know if new nav data from 3rd party's (if any) included with 8.33 separation for frequencies on com or navigation equipment.
Warp is right from what ive just plodded through. It appears that most on line flight communities are hoping that the 3' decimal nodes will be covered by the first 2 after the point where the third can be ignored. As most use the teamspeak platform I believe they hope that changes in the majority will only effect node 3. But its now starting to get interesting as more complexities emerge as technologies stretch away for ms-fsx