FSX rotating radar scanner

I built a Gmax airfield radar tower with a constantly rotating scanner for FS9 and exported through the FS2004 Game Pack and it works fine. However when I apply FSX materials and re-export through the FSX/SP2 Gamepack the radar looks fine but the scanner does not rotate. Could anyone tell me what I need to do differently to achieve the rotation in FSX/SP2 please?



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That's because the "Tick18" variable has been depecrated, and replaced by the "Ambient" or "NonRandomAmbient" variables.

You need to run the Animation Tool, and then assign one of the above to whatever part you've named "tick18", as described in the FSX SDK.

If you currently only have a key in frame 0 and frame 100, then you will need to add keys every 10 ticks inbetween for smooth rotation. Just move the slider and add key(s) every 10 frames. There's no need to reanimate the object.

An animation with FSX doesn't use tick18_*** of FS9.
The setup of FSX_Animation seems to be necessity more than four places.
FSTool>AnimationManeger is used with FSX.
Ambient of AnimationList is chosen, action of Anim, for example, Start 0 End 100.
It is OK if the character of Ambient is indicated in ObjectAnims when it is set up and Create is pushed.
If Link is set up in the animate cartoon, Dummy is added, and the link of Dummy is set up, and Dummy sets up AnimationManeger in the same way, too.
GUID is set up in the rest with LODNameTool, and it is an end with Export.
The speed of Animation is sometimes made End 1000, and it can be adjusted.
Refer to a thread about the transparecy of FSX when you are using transparecy for the radar.

Many thanks for your help. I think I understand what I have to do and these are the steps I have gone through, but I still cannot get the scanner to rotate:

1. Rename a copy of my FS9.Gmax radar to FSX_Radar.Gmax.

2. Open FSX_Radar.Gmax and add FriendlyName and GUID.

3. Deleted the materials and re-apply as FSX.

4. Checked that the animation is working in Gmax

5. Add a time tag every 10 frames.

6. Run Maxscript to bring up FS Tools menu.

7. Open Animation Manager from the FS Tools menu.

8. Select the radar scanner part

9. Ensure scanner part name is in the top right window.

10. Select "Ambient" from the Animation List

11. Enter Start 0 and End 100

12. Press "Create"

13. Check that the summary has the specified parameter and times.

14. Save and Export the Model, ensuring "Export Animations" box is checked in the Export Options screen.

15. Delete the old Radar model in the Whisplacer library and replace it with the new one and compile the .bgl file.

I have also tried NonRandomAmbient but that still does not enable the scanner to rotate. I also tried the FS9-FS10 buttom, bottom left of the Animation Manager, but that just produced an error. I would be really grateful if somebody would check through my process to see if I have missed anything please.
Would you show an image?

I don't understand relations between your "Scanner "" and Radar". :confused:
If there is an image(ScreenShot), I think that it can be understood. Would you show an image?

In the relations between "Scanaer" and "Radar", Link, if it is set up, Dummy is set up
You must set up Animetion of Amibient in Dummy as well more. :)
Thanks Brown_Bear. I have called the whole object a "Radar" and the part at the top that rotates is the "Scanner". The animation of course is only applied to the "Scanner". Screen shot attached. How do I set up the "dummy" if one is required please?



A form was seen.

A part to rotate when it is this example does all the same rotation.
If so, all the parts to rotate by using Attach are made one Object.
Then, Animation is added to that Object, and it thinks that Export has only to do Ambient by the setup.
When it rotates with FSX in this case without Dummy because one Object is being taken with Attch.
It thinks. :)
All the parts which rotated were made a group, and even a setup moved with FSX through Ambient.
The setup of Dummy seems to be unnecessary even in this case. ;)
Yes that's right, the scanner that rotates on top of the tower is one object made from parts that have been attached together. The animation was applied to the scanner object. I understand that I do not need a dummy.

I think I have applied your previous procedure correctly but I still cannot get the scanner to rotate. Can you see from my list of the steps taken, whether I have missed anything please or if I have a step wrong?

Many thanks for your help.

It is disappointing.

Though it doesn't understand in detail, it may be the problem of the name. :confused:
What happens to the name of Object that Attach did tirl?
It won't be tick18_****. When it is this, it can't be compiled.
A name by my test is box_01.
Tirl is chosen at the same time, even (MultiSelect), the setup of AnimationManeger
It moved.
A name at the time of the test which made tirl a group is g_scnner. Even this moves.
Success! I did in fact get your methodology right. What I did not do correctly was add in the additional key frames - I used "add time tag" rather than the motion menu.

Thanks again for helping to solve this one. My radar is now rotating perfectly.
I work with P3Dv4 and GMax and have just made a radartower, for EBFS Florennes, with a radarantenna on top.
I have read this post and would like to make my radarantenna running.
How do I start, which Gamepack do I need or do I need to make it for FSX and then convert it?
Someone who helps me start?
Hi all,
I have done everything explained above.
The scanner (as John calls it) is running.
But some parts of the scanner are not running.
So I have to make a group of the scanner,
but I think I'm wrong.
When I create a group, I can not mark some parts of the scanner.
I also can not ungroup.


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Do not use group, simply link all other objects to the animated object in the hierarchy. In GMAX:

1. Select all parts that should move with the rotating objects.
2. Click the Select and Link button (second from the left).
3. Click the Select by Name button
4. Choose the animated part.
5. Click the Link button.

Hope this helps,
Thanks Tom,
I did not manage to run the scanner separately.
What I have now is that the complete model (construction + scanner) is now rotating.
Nothing is wrong with the rotation procedure.
Only I can not select the parts that have to rotate separately.
The complete model has been selected and I am not getting it changed
As Tom says, do not use group. I would add, Ever.

If you cannot ungroup what you have go back to a backup. If you don't have a backup make a habit of making them. Gmax also makes timed 'autobaks' (depending on settings), so you might want to check if there are any.

Two further options that I can think of, 1) use your 'group' as a template and start afresh; 2) run the mdl through MCX and export as .3ds, import to gmax; attach/link subobjects as needed, adjust pivots and axes and redo the anims as per Tom's post.

Option #3, select the 'radar tower' within the group and get rid of it; then rebuild it outside the group.

OK, Option #4, attach the darn thing so's we can have a look at it.
Only I can not select the parts that have to rotate separately.
The complete model has been selected and I am not getting it changed
make sure the model that animated separately, must be independent model. if model to do separate movement still part of parent model, then detach it, then adjust it axis, make animation on it, the last is make a link to the parent model. make sure it has correct start point between parent and child model so both animation would be correct movement. I ever done with 12 levels parent-child for animation.
Hi Tom and kalong,
as Tom said I linked my entire antenna and it works fine now (the easiest way) .
The rotation is also working fine, the radar rotates nicely.
Now I click on FS Tool / Animation Manager, then I get the message
Failed to load modeldef.xml, Please close ...
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I was a bit too fast.
Before I go to the Animation Manager I must first create a GUID.
But if I want to create a new GUID now,
then I get an error: MAXScript MacroScript Error Exeption.

As mentioned above, the antenna rotates nicely.