FSX SDK fail to install in Win10

I cannot get to Ransomware Protection. How to access that? I need to login as administrator, right? It is a brand new computer with Win10. I need to find out how to do.
I also found that SODE jetway does not work well. Even I have modified the AircraftExit.ini to add more door to the default 747, there still only one door available for SODE jetway. Anything to do about this as well.
I have clearly stated in my post how to access ransomware in settings [see 3rd item in image below]:

In Win 10 open your settings and type in the search box : rans that should be enough as a dropdown list will appear.
Select "Ransomware Protection" and see as below.

This is the way to find ANY setting in the Settings of win 10. If you still don't see it then maybe you are not logged in with Admin privileges and a trip to the User settings for Account elevation is called for.


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There are two levels of 'admin' in Windows 10. There is the absolute low-level admin account that is used for installation and the admin account you think you have on logging in, but is actually more like the WindowsXP Power User. Ransomware protection settings are only available with the low-level admin. I forget how to enable low-level admin because I did it so long ago.


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More information concerning the "Ransomware Protection" options:

"Unfortunately, if you have third-party antivirus software installed and Windows Defender's real-time protection is disabled, the Ransomware Protection features screen and the Controlled Folder Access feature won't be accessible."

Any "third-party" antivirus (meaning, that is not Windows Defender) will not have access to this, such as Norton.