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sorry, chose to remove post, project site to be announced soon, with beta release
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My server and client are good beta software at the moment, further development is on hold at the moment. Several of us are trying to solve issues with controlling AI object smoothness. I will be post the project site soon.
My project is ambitious for sure. At the core is a custom implementation of SimConnect. The server and client do not use DirectPlay, this will shift toward stability, away from the lack of stability inherent to DirectPlay, which was deprecated by Microsoft some time ago.
After successful beta release launch of the the FSX server and client, I will be working on versions of the server that will allow the 'chaining' of servers. This will allow servers and communities to 'share' pilots.
As development of the project grows the need to configure routers and firewalls will diminish. One targeted technology is UPnP, which on enabled operating systems and routers, could potentially eliminate the need to configure routers all together. There are other technologies that could faciliate this as well.


Gabriel LePage
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