FSX Steam Edition Compiler


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There was an earlier post about this but in the light of a couple of recent issues I am reposting.

Microsoft did not license the FSX SDK to Dovetail so there are no compilers available. Therefore folks wishing to use ADE with FSX:SE will need to get the SDK from somewhere else. There are two ways
  • If you have a FSX boxed edition such as Gold or Acceleration then you can use that SDK
  • Otherwise you will need to download the freely available P3D v1.4 SDK from here: https://www.prepar3d.com/support/sdk/ It is the one at the bottom
In both cases after you have installed the SDK you will need to point ADE manually to the required paths by going to Settings > Options > Folders tab and using the browse buttons against each compiler


Once done Save your changes and restart ADE. Your chosen compiler should now be available.

ADE won't stop you from using a later P3D compiler. Please do not be tempted to do this. We have seen several cases recently where the P3D v4 compiler was set in ADE and this results in the compiled airports crashing FSX. Compilers all the have same name BglComp.exe but there are many different versions. Each one can generate a bgl file which will work with the FS version it is intended for but may contain elements that older versions do not understand and will crash the sim.