FSX Stock Airport Vehicles

Been trying to change a FSX Airport Fuel truck from standard to RAF Bowser in yellow without success.Wanted to add it to an RAF Base been working on.I know that it will change properly every airfield fuel truck but as i use main military that wouldn't matter.
I have built a model which i know works in FSX as AI.
I have tried changing the >>Simobject>>Ground Vehicles but this don't seem to make a difference.
Any thoughts on which vehicle to change ?
Here is a picture of fuel truck that attends.


it's not the first question about this issue, look for "fuel truck" in the search box, I think it have to do with the LWcfg file, here is where the things must be changed from. and yes, probably whan you change one aiport fuel truck all the others aiport will be modificated, good luck
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I have also change my fuel truck to "VEH_air_FuelTruck_Jet_ExtraLong" it's the same fuel truck as your picture only a little longer.
It's going per region, so all your airports in this region have this fuel truck.
I was also looking for a nice fuel truck,for example Shell or BP but i can't find them.:rolleyes:
It's like Bernardo say,it''s in the LWcfg.xml the original is in the root of FSX and the one in use is in if you have Win 7,in App Data\Roaming\Microsoft\ FSX.

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I have found this file LWcfg.xml but its in a different format LWcfg.SPB which i cant seem to open so unable to edit.
If this file controls the stock traffic then need to find program to open it.

You might find the info on a "Decompiler for SimProp Binary (SPB) binary files to XML" you're looking for in this thread:


FYI: Some valuable additional considerations related to airport ground vehicles can be found here:



Hope this helps ! :)

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I opened that file once to adjust the speed of the traffic, they now are not breaking the law, but as many things about fsx, I can tell you that I can`t remember how, nor even if this must be edited with some kind of tool :eek:
I now have the Lwcfg.spb in XML format and "WOW" its a big file.This is going to take a few hours to figure out......lol :eek:
Just to report my findings although an old thread.
I have managed after changing each stock vehicle in turn and eventually found the one to change.
""Veh_Air_Fueltruck_2_sm"" seems to do most the UK,I've tried Aircraft up to A330.Outside UK cant help sorry.
All i did was change the name to an exact copy of the stock Vehicle and replaced it,also you must start in a parking slot and have refuel at that airport as not all do.To add fuel service just add ""vehicle"" parking and connect it to the taxi apron,then wait your turn....have fun..:)


congrats, yes, I was suspicious of that truck ""Veh_Air_Fueltruck_2_sm"" , I guess will be the same for here, will be great to have a library of fuel trucks where one can choose. I guess that the wheels must be animated.thank for the tips.
Yes if you tell how you get your fueltruck there in fsx. :cool:
Anyway I am no sure only conjecures as usual, maybe manipulating the model, setting his centerpoint, try with modelconvertx, transform and move. 0,0,0. don't know.
Hello everyone,

Sorry to revive a very old topic but I was wondering if any of you could help me out,

I've noticed that my ground service vehicles that work around the aircraft, more specifically the baggage cart is positioned behind the aircraft to the right side instead of in the front with the baggage loader. Now I've noticed from videos and pictures that the latter is the default way and being less in the way of pushing back and taxiing AI. Now I was wondering, was there a specific file that's been altered or something because lately it's been annoying me?

Any help on this would be great

The position of the baggage loader is in the aircraft.cfg and the baggage cart follow the position of the baggage loader.
You can for example find it here:
number_of_exits = 2
exit.0 = 0.4, 39.7, -5.492, 4.341, 0 //openclose rate percent per second, longitudinal, lateral, vertical positions from datum (feet), type (0=Main 1=Cargo 2=Emergency)
exit.1 = 0.4, -36.5, 4.669, -1.974, 1 //openclose rate percent per second, longitudinal, lateral, vertical positions from datum (feet), type (0=Main 1=Cargo 2=Emergency)

Hello Jan, Thanks for the reply... that is kind of understandable to up to know but what I meant is shown in the attached picture.

This is the position they are in while waiting for an aircraft to come park at the gate. From what I recall, All the GSE wait in front next to each other, but for some reason in my FSX(A), The Pushback tug and Belt loader are in front, whereas the Baggage Cart is almost on the taxiway

I don't know if You've ever experienced anything like this

If anyone else has some kind of input on this would be greatly appreciated!


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