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I was going through the tutorial on SDK installation, so at a certain point I ran the ADE-check tool (see attached).
So I discovered that my FSX.exe is Acceleration (10.0.61637), while all other fsx files (dll's etc) in root directory are SP2 (10.0.61472).

Surprisingly, I have the Deluxe version CD, updated with (downloaded) SP1 and SP2. Never owned or used Acceleration version.
The same for SDK; I have the version included in Deluxe, updated with SP1a and SP2.
I really cannot understand how this can be the case, or what could upgrade the fsx.exe to 10.0.61637 leaving everything else to 10.0.61472.

How this can be the case? Please help me here to understand.



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I have no idea. However it is possible that the Environment Checker is mis-interpreting. You should always also check whether the SDK and FSX are actually working or not. Also I do not know what differences there are in the FSX excutable between Sp2 and Accel - they may be similar or have the same version number. The environment checker is looking at the fsx executable. Mine is 10.0.61637.0 (FSX-Xpack.20070926-1421) and I do have the Accel pack installed.

I would suggest testing everything and see if there are really any problems or whether this is a phantom 'error'
The fsx.exe is indeed version 10.0.61637 (as seen in "properties" of Windows Explorer), so it is not misreported by Environment Checker. And indeed all other files in root directory are 10.0.61472.
I guess that in your installation as an example, the other files in root directory (besides fsx.exe) will be also 10.0.61637, same with executable.
In my installation fsx.exe is 10.0.61637.0 (FSX-Xpack.20070926-1421), while
all other dll's or exe's are 10.0.61472.0 (fsx-sp2.20071210.2023).
I cannot get SDK menu appear yet in FSX menubar, but I will uninstall, reinstall and try again.

What really thickens the mystery is that Acc can be found only in cd (which I do not have) and not in any kind of download.

Besides SDK functionality, this strange thing makes you think about other issues (ctd's, addons problems etc).

PS. Just a silly question. Is there any possibility that SDK's updates can interfere with main FSX installation?

I would be grateful if other Deluxe users (upgraded to SP2) could check their files' versions and give some feedback.
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The SDK installs separately from FSX so unless by some unusual mischance it is installed IN the FSX folder (I have unfortunately see a case at least) then it should not interact.
I see that your log also lists an incorrect version of fs9. I wonder if all this has anything to do with installing everything in default locations.

fs9.exe is present in every fsx installation for compatibility with some addons or something of the sort.
Main thing that this file is version 10.0.61472.0 (fsx-sp2.20071210.2023), as everything else, besides FSX.exe :eek:


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That begs the question of precisely why the FS9.exe stub file in FSX's root folder is being reported on at all...

...and being reported as though the user actually had FS9 installed!

This seems to be a really "Bad Idea" who's consequences to the unwary could be massive confusion, as well as an unnecessary point source for failure. :twocents: