FSX - Visibility and Animation of Attached Effects


Resource contributor
I'm still attempting to make AFLT compatible with P3D.

The approach I'm using is to attach light-effects to the FSX model and to control the display of those effects. Once working in FSX, it should trivial to extend the process to P3D.

I was quite successful in using a similar approach with FS9, allowing the user to choose between BGL_LIGHTs (which are non-adjustable other than for intensity) and effects which, while cumbersome, can be adjusted by the user to suit the application. Basically, I added a two-state animation: on - displayed normally and off - effect placed below ground.

With FSX models, the attachment of the effects was a relatively simple process, basically the same as with FS9. I first tried to control the effect using visibility state (SGVL block) with the visibility code in a VISC statement in the VISL block. However, it seems attached effects cannot be made invisible, since the effect displays normally, regardless of the visibility state. In fact, I was unsuccessful in making even the visible model disappear, so it may be that visibility state applies only to aircraft. So then I reverted to the FS9 approach, i.e. animate the effects. But, once again, I seem to have struck-out. The animation has no apparent effect on the effects.

Any help/advice appreciated.

Incidentally, for you FSX tweakers out there, while examining the structure of various animated FSX models (i.e., aircraft), I noted that the first field in the AMAP block is "1" when a SCEN is not animated (SGAL=-1) and "2" when animated (SGAL >= 0). (The FSX MDL format in the Wiki states the purpose of this field is unknown.)