FS2004 (FSX & X-Plane 10) Bell 429: she is slowly getting some shapes

After a lot of drawbacks and wear, this is the first glimpse of what might be my model... She looks a little bit better, of course a lot of work is ahead; however I feel much better after so many failed attempts. I took borrowed from the 407 the main rotor, tail rotor and skids just to get the first idea; not that bad, huh? :D:D:D

Thank you friends for your kind words and support.

Kindest regards,
Your friend Sergio.

You always have been there for me. Also, I want to thank you one more time for your valuable teachings and comforting words.
Let's see what awaits to her in the future. ;)

Best regards,
Your friend Sergio.

Thanks Nate, as soon as I get her right I will send you all Max files up to date. By the way, did you check the files which I already send you? :scratchch :scratchch :scratchch
Check the last conversations we had! :duck: :duck: :duck:

How is the EC155 going? Sincerely I can wait to have it! If she'll be payware, send me a PM with a head up of where to buy! ;) ;) ;)

Cheers mate.
Thanks AJ

Let me first how it goes in FS9 and hopefully some of our friends will try to help me in this matter in the future.

I've been working in the tail rotor drive shaft, side steps and skids:

Keep the green side down! :p
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Paul Domingue

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Two things I've noticed from the pictures, the enjoyment you derive from modelling and a love of this particular aircraft on your part. Very nice work.

Hello Paul

Thanks for your kind words and yes, I love this aircraft and took it as a "personal project". Still, there are several issues with the mesh that I don't like and I am struggling hard to enhance. Some of the errors I have spotted, are related to the reference images I have. In this case, I will try to improvise.

Wish me luck!
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Looking good Sergio. May make a suggestion though. Take a look at the housing near the exhaust ports. From the rear view, it looks a little jagged. Did you boolean that? or how did you make the holes? I have completely stopped using boolean, and started using vertex snap, and cut edge mode in the edit poly rollout. First, create a tube in the shape you want, and place it how you want on the part you want to cut. Then, select snap to vertex in the Snaps selection. Select edge mode, and then cut. When you are over a vertext, the crosshairs will turn green, then click. Do this completely around the shape you want and viola....hole is cut, and follows the geometry perfectly.
Hello Nate

I did not used booleans for that part; I made it as you are suggesting. Also, I utilized a special technique that I learned from Arrimus:

The main problem, is that the housing area is not "turbo-smoothed" and I had a few segments to work. Unfortunately, I had to use pure extrusions to get that result (which I don't like either). Perhaps, I will take a few steps back and redo this part. :confused::confused::confused:

I can see here where is the problem... :censored::censored::censored::censored:

On the other hand, I was experimenting with the best way to map the parts I have at this moment. I am trying the "planar approach" and that promises something... Though I am still learning how to do it.

I am learning a lot, however I have a long trip still to be traveled.
Thanks for your kind words.
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I forgot this pics, the first before creating the nozzles:

Developing the piece using Xref and clones:

Another angle aftermath:

On the other hand, I use booleans to cut this:

The secret to booleans is to prepare the geometry before any cut. I must say, this was an easy one, a main view not compromising any weird angle between boolean operations. o_Oo_Oo_O
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Ok...a couple of things I see here.....First, way too many unneeded edges! While it may look good in Max, it will cause massive headaches when you start cutting holes, or when you want to start using NURMS or Turbosmooth. You only need about 1/3 of what you have right now. Secondly, look at the exhaust nozzle towards the front of it. See how it comes to a point on yours? I would have pulled that point in or chamfered it before moving on to making the hole. From there I would have used to technique I told you and made the hole, and not extruded it like you did. I would have just made a opening.
An example of this is the rear housing on the EC155. Notice on where the exhaust is, it has the optical illusion that there is something back there? That's because there is! I used the shell modifier on the housing once I had all the cuts in place, and selected all interior polys and detached them. Then I mapped them to an all black space on the texture sheet. This way you can pull the exhaust nozzle further in to the housing and use a gradient to give the appearance that the nozzle goes further in that what it actually does.
Without doing it this way, as soon as light hits that one poly the illusion that the nozzle goes deeper, no matter how good the texture is, is up. Make sense?
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