FS2004 (FSX & X-Plane 10) Bell 429: she is slowly getting some shapes

Hello Nate
Thanks a lot my friend!!! I am inspired now and still working on exteriors. When the time is right, would you be so kind to lend me a hand?
Keep up the good work on the EC155, she's a fine aircraft and you're doing it extremely well. :D:D:D

Take care my friend.
Being a helicopter guy, I feel bad that I didn't catch this sooner. I know just how hard something like this is to fix at this point. As I've learned over the years though, one can never have too much practice at modeling a fuselage. Remodeling the same thing 4-5 times is not something uncommon in this hobby/field. :p
Hello Michael

Yes I do, the EMS version is in the plan. However, I need to export successfully the model, textures and animations to the simulator. Regarding the offering... is this looks so bad? I'm still working on it. o_O

Remember, this is my first model... ;)

Kindest regards,
Hola Sergio, yes I worked on it. Unfortunately I don't have access to the models anymore, and they don't allow cameras in the flight line. They don't make them where I am, but we do training here. let me know what views do you need, may be able to find you some.

Looks pretty damn god to me!

Pink-Take all the pictures you can. Whatever you think might be useful. I know someone did this for me with the EC and it was handy....
I think we are making some progress...check this:

The first time that I manage to export it to FS9. And I said "we", because our friend Nater is helping a lot!!! :D:D:D