FSX:SE FSX_Steam Edition with TileProxy

FSX_Steam Edition,Though the surface of GoogleEarth is indicated with with Tileproxy.
A building except for the airports isn't indicated with additional scnery.

Though I think that fsx_se.CFG and scenery_se.cfg are set up properly.
What should I modify to the rest?

Additional scenery is indicated properly with FSX_X and Tileproxy.
An advice is given to it about something.



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I'm afraid I don't understand the question.

When it comes to external tools FSX and SE behave the same. So the way to use tileproxy is the same in both.
It keeps long silence for a long time very much.
I am sorry.
A problem was settled.
The setup of the scenery was very low, and a building wasn't indicated.
But, it was indicated when a setup was raised.
It is a solution of a problem.