FSXA FSXA/P3D: 5S0 Oakridge State

Holy s**t!!!!! never seen anything like it. too bad i wont be able to use it, my computer has issues with FSXA on normal settings. :(
Thanks, but I'm only just beginning (FSX Modding ;) ). I try the maximum of quality in minimum polys per object and optimal texture utilization. I would like to leave enough air for effects and animations ;).

At this point, by the way a big thanks to the ingenious tools by Arno without all this would not be possible!
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Hi GrandSurf - I've been following this thread since the beginning and am more and more impressed with what you're doing! Just curious, the compass rose with the 99's logo shown here, did you make that yourself or did you find one on the web that was usable? I've been looking for one to use on a scenery project I'm working on and haven't been able to find anything usable from an overhead angle.

Keep up the awesome work!
I think in the fall. At the moment I switch completely to the Prepar3D SDK. I want to focus on these simulation. News to other buildings, night textures, lighting, animations ... shortly.
Any chance you'll be able to write-up a tutorial on how you accomplished all of this? I'm sure some of the seasoned vets here know how and what you did to get those ground polys to look so awesome, but the neophytes such as myself would love to "take a lesson" from someone with an obvious mastery! :)