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I got myself an Xbox 360! Along with a HD/VGA cable it really gives a gaming experience that is hard to beat with a PC (emphasis on gaming, not simulation!). It took me about 5 minutes to start thinking how fun it would be to have FSX as an option for this system. Strip away the world coverage (limit the area to the States, or Europe) and make the mission system the primary game content. Airplane selection "limited" to the smaller aircrafts, perhaps including more "Adrenaline" planes. Online Red Bull & Reno Racing? No problems using XboxLive.

Surely I´m not the only one who has thought about this? :)

Yes, it have been discussed. Obviously it would take away a lot of the tweaking etc which means few of us frequenting these forums are really that interested in the idea, but sure an arcade type of game would be just fine on it.

For the "gaming experience that is hard to beat" I am not quite sure I agree. While consoles are typically at the forfront of technology when released - and offer a favorable performance to price ratio thoughout their lifespan - they do not keep up with development once they have been designed - and the PC market is not standing still.

If you with "experience" was refering to the big TV as well... well... guess what a DVI -> HDMI cable allows you to connect to the TV (the video part of a HDMI signal simply is DVI, so no signal conversion is required).
Get yourself a controller (my Rumblepad 2 wireless was about $45 a year ago), buy a cable for TV output and off you go. I been flying those Extra 300 missions with this setup for ages, really fun thing to do, especially when friends come over.
My first reaction to the title of the thread was to immediately go into an apoplectic fit, frothing at the mouth, shouting "HERESY!"

In my elitist mind, FS-Xbox would demean the "Simulator" into a "game" ....

Having said that, from what I understand, it has been considered, but the economics isn't there...


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emphasis on gaming, not simulation!
Heresy or not. Note the above. Simulation would not be possible on the Xbox. :)

Regarding the PC being constantly better all the time - that is both the problem and the solution. Having spent countless hours tweaking my machine to get the best out of the sim, only to be frustrated by demanding addons or new versions of FS, it was such a bliss to sit down, start a game and just know that this title is making maximum use of my hardware! I can´t tweak, and there is no need to either. Wouldn´t you like to have an FS that just works?