FSXKML - Water exclude and new island coastline not working


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Hello there,

I've encountered a problem with FSXKML, which I am unable to solve. I am trying to change the coastline of an island, simple as that. I created a .kml file with one large polygon with the tag 'Exclude_Hydro_Polygons_Generic_Ocean_Perennial' and a second one, the new coastline, with the tag 'Hydro_Polygons_Generic_Ocean_Perennial'. After importing them to Google Earth 5.1 (the old version) the shapes are alright and everything seems to be in order. However, after compiling the water is excluded but the new coastline cuts through the terrain which results in a huge water filled hole. I've tried reversing the vertices, checked for 0 coordinates. The weird thing is, that sometimes it works ok, though I have no idea whats wrong.

Please see the images attached.

Any help and ideas would be greatly appreciated.



I don't use FSX KML, but it seems to be doing what you have instructed it to do. So let's work from the basics, OK?

In FSX the entire world is land and upon that land is laid water data. So you want to make a better appearance of the (existing) land that makes up the island. To accomplish that, you need to make better water that sits around the island. Think of what you have done, being 1.) exclude the water that is already there and 2.) make a water area that sits on top of what use to be an island.

It's not a difficult fix to correct things, though as mentioned above I don't work with FSX KML, I work with SBuilderX. The areas that you are drawing become part of a shapefile, that is used by one of the SDK compilers. The simple solution would be to draw an additional large polygon that adds Generic Ocean Perennial and then mark that inner polygon as a hole within the larger poly that adds back the water. In tech'ier terms the large polygon to add water back is called the Parent polygon and the land formation area inside would be called the Child polygon.

If you can't find the proper method to correct things within FSX KML, maybe someone else can help on some of the steps involved. Or if you want to try within SBuilderX, I can offer further guidance.

In your KML you have not defined a coastline but a 'Hydro_Polygons_Generic_Ocean_Perennial'. I think it should read ' shorelines_generic_ocean_perennial'.