FSXME how to get the rotating arrow thing above POI

i created a mission from a flight plan and all looks good but i'd like to have the arrow rotating above the next WP. how is that enabled?

or alternately, if its easier, how can i deactivate the gate (scenery object) once i've passed through it?

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I think you are in the wrong forum - do you want me to move this to the missions forum?
i think i worked out how to hide the gate after passing through. add a 'Activate a Node' then double click the prox trigger and drag the new 'Activate a Node' into the OnEnterActions (not the OnExitActions, that don't work)

then double click the 'Activate a Node' and drag the scenery object (not the rect or wp) you want to hide into the obj ref list. make sure the new obj state check if off for hide.

that seems to work
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Couldn't tell from the video - is there an aural tone when successfully pasing a gate?

Actually, you can use OnExitAction - it should work - however, if using an OnEnterAction, with an OnExitAction, the OneShot must be set to false so the trigger can fire twice - once on Enter, a second time on Exit. That said, with the small areas you are using it is not worth it.

I have found using Enter and Exit helpful when simulating ATC comms - for example, a set of radio calls when entering a Class D airspace and a second set when leaving the same airspace.

I also find it useful if I don't want to add a short timer trigger (10 seconds or less) or second proxy trigger for a given function - e.g. Crossing a Fix: I want to call ATC and then a few moments later start a checklist. - I put one edge of the area on the Fix. I make the area a couple of Km long in my direction of travel (but only a couple hundred meters wide so I'm actually marking on top of the Fix) it takes little while to cross the area - then triggers the checklist. I saved a Trigger and the Activate Node action to set it off - and if a proxy trigger, another area.

It helps simplyfy things.
hi, its good to see someone working on missions besides me. i didn't add a tone when passing through a gate but it has a voice, it says, 'gate 21 ok, take the next gate at full throttle' or something like that.

the problem is, the audio is annoying because it has a noise at the end of each message, you can here it on my videos. i don't know why, its not in the audio files, its only in FSX. i haven't found a way to fix it so i usually fly with the sound off now.

the on enter and exit actions together could be useful for some cases i need too, but not my normal gates, you pass through them in a blink of an eye
For your audio issue - I've never run into it. Are you using the Play Sound action or Diaglog action? I use the Dialog for all "human Voice" sounds, the Play sound action for most noises and "non human" voices - the Low Altitude warning in the FA-18 in one mission. (You can hear it on the video clip I posted on another thread)

For my "human" spoken audio, I use synthetic voices (a Mac program called Narrator - I do all my graphics and audio work on an iMac), then put it through an audio modifier program to make the voices sound like they are on radio, and then finally converted them to WAV files. I did have issues getting the volume at the right level. This is pretty much a "goldilocks" predictment - volume too low and it cannot be heard, volume too high and you get speaker overpower distortion. The volume has to be just right. The overpower distortion I had sounds a little like what I heard on your video - of course there ins't supposed to be a sound where you are getting the noise.

You might want to look at your wave files in some type of audio editor. See if there is a static "blip" at the end of the file. You also might want to look at the type of WAV fille - its fidelty, mono or stereo, etc. I use mono, midrange fidelity WAVs - more for file size than anything else.

That's about all I can think of.
hi, i just use the built in Dialog action thing in FSXME, is uses microsoft voice api to make the .wav files. i've checked and the wave files are fine, the strange noises are coming from FSX for sure
OK - and I assume from the above that when you play the file in FSXME it doesn't make the strange sound at the end. So you are very most likely correct that FSX is doing it - however it may be that FSX "doesn't like" some aspect of the WAV file's format - I would still try different WAV file settings to see if that makes a difference.